As a community radio station, Sine FM produces a finance report each year in line with Ofcom’s requirements. This is produced annually, retrospectively.

In order to apportion income or expenditure specifically for Sine FM which may be part of incomes / grants received or contracts secured for the wider organisational activities of Higher Rhythm Ltd, we calculate apportioned amounts specifically for Sine FM which are combined with direct icnome / expenditure of Sine FM. Any sums below are subject to this accounting procedure. The annual report covers an annual period running January until December each year, which does not directly align with Higher Rhythm Ltd’s accounting year or HMRC financial years, which start in April and end in March the subsequent year. This also therefore skews the finances shown in the report.

Any balances, negative or positive should take the above into account, and any positive balance shown therefore represents accruals or amounts to be carried over between project / reporting years, and therefore does not necessarily represent a surplus / profit at end of year. See the latest report below:


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