Sunday, 29th January 2023

From 11am to 5pm

Doncaster Little Theatre



The Twits – A Little Theatre Easter Production

Bored with playing schoolkiddish tricks on one another, the grotesque, satisfyingly revolting couple Mr and Mrs Twit turn their attentions to capturing and training a family of monkeys, the Muggle-Wumps, for a circus act.The monkey’s cruel incarceration in a cage is avenged when the birds trick the Twits into believing the world has turned upside-down.The Twits join in, aided by the birds who drop glue on their hair, and the audience is encouraged to play their part in freeing the monkeys.

Show Dates:

Wednesday 12th – Saturday 15th April

Wed – Fri 7pm | Sat 5pm

Audition Day is Sunday 29th January –

Please book a time slot


Mr Twit adult male 20-60 years

Mrs Twit 20-60 years adult

Mr a Mrs mugglewump 20-40 years

adults playing monkeys.

The Narrator 16 to 50 years

Roly poly bird 16 to 60 years

mugglewumps and birds children 7 to 16 at least 6 mugglewumps 4 birds .

Ages are age to be played for adults. Children actual ages.

Audition material:

Sunday 29th January

11am - 5pm (20min time slots)

Ticket price Please book a free time slot

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