Sunday, 29th January 2023

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Doncaster Little Theatre


Amadeus Auditions

Genius jealousy and revenge mingle and abound in Peter Shaffer’s play Amadeus.

The rivalry between young musical prodigy Mozart and Court composer Salieri. Salieri begins a war with Mozart with music and ultimately with God.

Audition Dates:

Sunday 29th January 5pm To 8.30pm

Tuesday 31st January 6.30pm To 9pm

Cast List

Antonio Salieri Playing Age 40’s & 70’s Very Large Role – Pg 5/6/7 & 9

Amadeus Mozart Playing Age Childlike Adult Early 20’s & Early 40’s Large Role – Pg 21/22/23/52/53

Constanze Weber Wife Of Mozart Playing Age Early 20’s Medium Role – Pg 36/73

2 X Venticelli Gossip Whisperers Male Or Female Any Age. Medium Roles – Pg 2/3/4/ Read Both Parts As If Two Different Characters For Audition

Joseph 11 Emperor Of Austria Small Role – Pg 26

Count Johann Kilian Von Strack Small Role – Pg 12

Count Franz Orsini-Rosenberg Small Role – Pg 12

Baron Gottfried Van Swieten Small Role – Pg 12

6 Non Speaking Roles 3 X Male 3 X Female Please Apply To Be In It.

Operatic Singer In Italian Need To Sing One Song

Also Servants And Citizens Of Vienna Choral. Please Apply To Be In It.

Audition pieces:

Sunday 29th and Tuesday 31st January

Sun 29th - 5pm | Tue 31st at 6:40pm

Ticket price Free - Please pre book your time slot

Doncaster Little Theatre
1 King Street off East Laith Gate

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