Valiant Tails, The Cat Mafia

with Liz McKittrick

Books, Drama

Liz McKittrick reads chapters of her book, the Cat Mafia, every week. Roo, the adorable but very mischievous little kitten, is in trouble. Having stolen his master’s Friday night treat, young Roo knows he can’t return to the Cypriot farmhouse he has come to call ‘home’. So what’s a kitten to do? Set off on a new adventure, of course! Luckily, as he tries to find somewhere to lay his head, he meets Squeak, a fellow feline, who takes very good care of him. Then he’s introduced to Noodles, who isn’t quite so friendly. And then he joins an entire colony of colourful, strange, mystic and eclectic cats with all kinds of super powers who live in Purr Palace. Adventures, excitement, fun and friendships are the order of the day. But it isn’t long before Roo discovers the danger lurking on the other side of the road - THE EVIL CAT MAFIA – and he has to grow up very quickly. Will this brave little cat be able to help his new-found friends? Will their friendships be strong enough to keep them together? Will the Cat Mafia achieve their goal and take over Purr Palace? Find out this and heaps more in this adventurous tale of friendships, bravery, happiness and sorrow.

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